Young people’s quest to learn democratic process continues

_MG_5517With an understanding that a politically active civil society is critical to the sustainability of any democracy and an  informed and active citizens is the driving force behind a genuine and competitive political process, Sambhawana organized third batch of three day workshop called Democratic Challenges:Solving by youth participation from 5-7 September 2014 inviting young people from different background. We strongly believe  democratic transitions are rooted in people and movements and hence the three day program has been a platform for exchange of ideas on strengthening democratic processes and building the capacity of young Nepali leaders on key issues concerning Nepal’s democratic transition.

Through different indoor and outdoor activities such as leadership exercise, communication and trust building activities, individual and group work, presentations and interaction with young political leaders and debate on the contemporary issues like local elections and Constitution, the program  focused on current democracy and governance issues, challenges and opportunities, affecting the country’s development progress.The program’s major objective was to identify  multiplier youth leaders in their respective fields and communities, bring them together in one platform, sharpen their leadership skills, equip and empower them with the tools, ideas, and networks necessary to start taking the initiative to bring about transformational change in their communities.

The first day was focused on leadership activities and sharing of basics of democracy and participants understanding of democratic processes and identifying democratic challenges in their organizations and communities. The second day went little bit intense as the participants learned democratic movement and youth involvement in Nepal through chit chat youth politician. The participants then did a group work on prioritizing constitution that allowed them to learn about individual’s priorities to be included in the constitution as well as the process of drafting constitution._MG_5453

Later in the day, they got to take part in civic bingo allowing them to learn how involved they are in their communities. We had a special focus on Accountability where the Accountability Lab Team shared different ideas and tools about youth participation and social accountability. To call it a day, we showcased some  documentaries conceptualized and directed by young graduates of Accountability Film School. The documentaries  helped our participants think of democratization process from difference perspective and act with integrity. Then a debate on the contemporary issues following British Parliamentary Procedure was the high point of the day as participants not only got to debate but also learned the style of debating. The final session was to work on the solutions, whereby 4 groups came up with some great ideas to promote democracy and accountability in their communities. We will bring you stories about their follow on work in months to come.

The program was organized with the support from Alert Fund for Youth, The Netherlands.

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