Young People in Green Activism continues!

IMG_20140412_123831On 12 April, yet another successful workshop was conducted under Green Youth Citizens project.25 dynamic youth from various fields came together to discuss on environment issues and share possible solutions. The workshop starting with some cooperative activities that helped participants know each other. Second session started with brainstorming on environmental issues . Some of the issues shared by the participants were population growth, excessive use of plastic bags,natural disasters,urbanization etc. 

After prioritizing the issues, the participants formed themselves in a small working groups and possible solutions. Each groupIMG_1684 worked out on list of activities that they can do within youth network and also came up with ideas on what government, civil society actors, media can do. Some of the suggestions that they group shared on the panel were: a platform where young people can come together and work on environment related issues.Another was, the need of creating awareness to different communities on where we need to go green, whey recycling, reusing is important. One of the groups suggested that we need to learn and teach different initiatives to preserve natural resources, plus, there should be strict rules and policies from the government about urbanization. Some of the participants shared that they have been using cloth and paper bags instead of plastic bags.

Further, they suggestions by recycling the plastic products, employment opportunities can be created for young people. Almost all the participants had strong feeling that the recent road expansion in Kathmandu city has direct impact on trees cut down. So, there is a need of tree plantation. One of the groups suggested that promotion of renewable & alternative energy like bio-gas, hydro energy, solar energy, wind energy should be a government priority.  They also made a commitment that they would reach out to school students with educational program and support in establishing green or echo club.




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