Partner Network


Accountability Lab

The Accountability Lab is focusing on areas of accountability that are critical to positive reform but are not given sufficient attention or are misunderstood. -  read more


Taiwan Foundation for Democracy

The Foundation was established with an inter-related, two-tracked mission in mind. Domestically, the TFD strives to play a positive role in consolidating Taiwan’s democracy and fortifying its commitment to human rights; internationally, the Foundation hopes to become a strong link in the world? democratic network, joining forces with related organizations around the world. - read more


European Commission

The EU aims to support young people to cooperate with regions outside Europe and to be more involved in global policy processes on issues such as climate change, the UN Millennium Development Goals, human rights, etc. - read more


Alert Fund for Youth

Over 20 years Alert has been able to engage and connect with enthusiastic young people. This is the best example of what Alert stands for and believes in: young people are actors of change who want and can contribute constructively to the position of other young people by showing solidarity and commitment. - read more