Our Team


Mr. Prakash Pyakurel

Prakash Pyakurel is interested in civic and political affairs.He has a decade long experience of working with development issues particularly with young people.  He believes where there is a problem, there has to be a solution. He likes cricket and football.

anita-thapa Ms. Anita ThapaAnita Thapa is working with young people for almost eight years. She is into designing and developing youth related programs and projects that provide hands on experience and encourages youth to get involved in community issues.



Ms. Sanchita Uprety

Sanchita Uprety has strong background of working with youth and she is interested in the issues of women and children. She has been active in developing different training and workshops for youth.


Ms. Bijaya Karki

Bijaya Karki is a student of Journalism and Literature. She loves photography, travelling, reading poems and novels, watching plays and interested to work in issues related to children, youth and women.


Mr. Shailendra Ghimire

Shailendra Ghimire (baba) is our proud volunteer. He is a passionate business entrepreneur who loves getting involved with social issues and causes. He loves to call himself an agent for the change.



Mr. Pawan Prasad Upadhyaya

Pawan Prasad Upadhyaya is interested in community service and civic education. He loves to work with young people on different fields such as governance, democracy, volunteerism etc.


Ms. Asmita Rajbanshi

Asmita Rajbanshi is good at sports and learning new things. She loves to hang out with friends, hiking and cycling.


Mr. Prakash Duwadi is a financial expert and has been looking after Sambhawana’s admin and finance since its inception.



Mr. Rushad Rajbhandari

Rushad Rajbhandari has good skills in graphic design, backtrack, fine arts. He is interested in arts, music, online games, hacking android.


Ms. Sanjina Dhakal

Sanjina Dhakal likes to sing and cook. She loves travelling, reading newspapers, watching television and making new friends.


Ms. Prabina Bogati is a youth activist who has taken lead in numerous campaigns and youth projects. She is interested in civic issues and has been active in school lead programs.


Ms. Darshana Thapa

Darshana Thapa is more inclined into creativity and bringing a comfortable learning environment.

She is nvolved in community services and Volunteer associations.