Who We Are

Sambhawana is a non-profit organization that prepares youth and adolescents for active citizenship and inspires lifelong participation in our democracy.  We achieve this goal by developing civic programs and curricula in collaboration with schools, community-based organizations, and other educational non-profits.  We also help schools foster a climate for civic engagement and learning.


Our mission is to empower youth and adolescents to become active participants in the democratic process and strengthen civic leadership.

Core Values

Respect to diverse points of view: We believe that the key strength of Nepal lies in individuals of diverse backgrounds engaging in healthy debates about issues they care about. Sambhawana is a non-partisan organization that seeks to support and respect the opinions of all individuals, regardless of ideology.

Comprehensive approach: We believe that it is vital to take a comprehensive approach to understanding all aspects of an issue and the key players involved. Effective decisions that lead to sustainable solutions are found through informed research and thoughtful reflection.

Persistence: We believe that our work is urgent, of high importance and difficult, requiring ambitious goals. Pursuing ambitious goals of reform, growth, and change in our democratic society will be challenging work. This requires sustained and relentless effort from all individuals committed to our cause.

Lifelong learning: As we respect one another, and others who work in the realm of education and action civics, we understand that we do not have all the answers. Our partners, our communities, and our students can teach us valuable lessons. We have accomplished much, but we have even more to learn.


Change how civic learning is taught, from the dry facts of history and the structure of government to an emphasis on how citizens can and must participate in civic life.

Treat civic learning as an interdisciplinary subject to be employed across the curriculum.

Provide the platform where young girls and boys can come together, share their experiences, learn and lead.

Inspire, encourage and facilitate the involvement of girls in taking initiatives for positive change and development of their communities.