Doing Democracy- Second cohort (May3-5, 2013)

Calling Secondary and High School Students to join second cohort of 3 day residential camp called “Doing Democracy”

If you are in between the age group of 15 to 19 years , this camp is for you !

Date: May 3-5 (Friday to Sunday), 2013

Venue: Dhulikhel, Nepal

If you are interested or know someone who could be interested or have any questions , please let us know via our email or call at 9851075260.

Doing Democracy is a three day residential camp designed for secondary and high school students to enhance their civic knowledge and skills and motivate them to take community action. It is built on the recognition that while the central aim of civic education preparing youth for active citizenship is imperative, the traditional means of achieving that goal are deficient for meeting the demands of our increasingly complex society.

Civic skills are in large measure taught outside the confines of the curriculum, in the way that young people are treated from the moment they enter the school building. In short, it is not possible to inculcate the habits needed for democratic citizenship in an institution that bears no resemblance to a democratic community. Doing Democracy calls on schools to embrace youth civic engagement as a corevalue that is reflected in school culture and reinforced through extra-curricular activities, service learning opportunities, and externships.

The program is not about teaching rather

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