Community Bingo and new school addition

We had a very good start of the week. At HEMS school, we played students look pretty excited and so were we. We did quick round of check in and then decided to play Community Bingo ,where students had to check the list of things that could help them reflect how are they involved in the community. Bingo included clues such as:

-Attended a governing body meeting in school
-Contacted a school or community official about an issue
-Created a plan to address a community issue/problem
-Discussed civic issues with friends and/or family
-Expressed views in front of a group of people
-Run for or held an official position in school or a community group
-Visited a political or social organization’s website to learn more
-Wrote a letter to newspaper or public/school official to express your views
-Signed a petition or boycotted a business or product
-Organized or volunteered with a community service project
-Kept up with current events through news newspapers, TV, Radio and the web
-Had a safe place in school or neighborhood where students hang out regularly
Wore a button, ribbon, sticker etc. to express your views. In addition, students could also write down any other ways they are involved with their community.

After self check, students went around to see how their friends are involved in the community. In coming week, we will do follow-up activities with community involvement. That should be fun.Furthermore, we did some idea generation activity. It is so interesting to learn how aware and interested these young students are. All they need is some tools and guidelines for civic involvement and in coming weeks we are working on that :)

Moreover, this week, we have one more school joined us. 60 fabulous 9th grader students in two classes are simply awesome to start our program. We did info session,played some name wave followed by some cooperative games.We so look forward to coming weeks and do some thinking as well as action.

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