Civic Schools is growing

As our third site, Sudesha High School from Nakhhu, Lalitpur joins Civic Schools. We are so thrilled that 100 students ( 7th, 8th ang 9th graders) attended our first info session. Like in other schools, we started our day with name game where by we used arts to display our names and one thing that we like most of our school. It was so interesting to learn the fact that many students said they like schools’ environment, teachers, teaching style, extra curricular activities, play ground etc  also,there were another bunch wholike school’s discipline, the rights and opportunities provided by the school.

For our getting to know each other activities we played  number game with 100 students, quite a huge group but managed to keep it real, fun and involving. In addition we also tried pulse pass and kick the ball game in a team . Before we pack up for the day, we did a quick check out and all the students gave  big smile and some really encouraging words like wonderful, entertaining, fantastic, learn with fun, nice, good so on and so forth. With such an encouraging participation from students, teachers and administrators  we are already looking forward to next week where we will be checking some community bingo and also work on curricula design. Good time !


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