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Celebrate leadership

Our second week started with reading the blog written by Samjhana who volunteered last week to write the first piece of HEMS journal. She wrote about children’s day with such a nice art. It was interesting to learn that kids love celebration of days and they value it so much.

And Civic Schools begins !

With little hangover of Dashain and excitement of Tihar, we started our first round of Civic Schools at HEMS School in Kathmandu. The purpose of this session was to introduce students to Civic Schools. The goal of Civic Schools is to improve the school community by expanding opportunities for civic engagement and learning by all […]

Where did learning fail?

Out of 100 students admitted in grade one, 33 will dropout till they reach grade five and 65 will do so till they reach grade ten. Out of 500,00,000 students appeared in School Leaving Certificate (SLC), 53% fails in regular examination. Every year 62% or 500,00,000 students fail in High School. 90% SLC appearing students […]