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Youth in support of the Rroma community kicks off

Last month, two of our colleagues joined Youth in support of the Rroma community.The project is a group European Volunteer Service  project which is being held   in five rural rroma communities from Valcea County in Romania. The project involves seven partners viz: Asociatia Tinerilor Rromi Valcea (atrv.eu) – Romania, Les Francais de L’Ain – France, […]

Applications invited for 3rd batch of Democratic challenges:solving by youth participation

After successful completion of two batches of Democratic Challenges:solving by youth participation, Sambhawana is inviting applications for third batch. Program Overview:   To underline the importance of a strong civil society, a three day intensive residential program will focus on the current democracy and governance issues, challenges and opportunities, affecting the country’s development progress. The program […]

Young people coming together for DEMOCRACY!

With an understanding that a politically active civil society is critical to the sustainability of any democracy and an  informed and active citizens is the driving force behind a genuine and competitive political process, Sambhawana organized three day workshop inviting young people from different background. The first batch was organized from 28-30 May and second on […]

Doing Democracy

It is always nice to be able to create a platform for young people and work together. While we were running school program in secondary and higher secondary schools, it was an idea developed there to bring together adolescents and youth from different schools and learn and share civics.

Celebrate leadership

Our second week started with reading the blog written by Samjhana who volunteered last week to write the first piece of HEMS journal. She wrote about children’s day with such a nice art. It was interesting to learn that kids love celebration of days and they value it so much.