Organization Architecture

13693039_1022597097836214_4018543694512876597_oFrom 9-11 July, 2016 Sambhawana joined Accountability Lab’s 3 day incubation program in Kathmandu. The program brought together all the Accountapreneurs in one platform to share ideas, experiences and to build strong communities of young people building accountable youth force through different programs and activism.

On the first day of incubation program, all the accountapreneurs reflected on each organization’s architectures and we had a good learning and sharing experience. We loved the exercise and want to share Sambhawana’s Organization’s structure in this post.

The general organization structure of Sambhawana is flat which is led by board at thestrategic level. The director 13669521_1022596654502925_4826644977851373716_oleads management team that include coordinators and volunteers. The reporting system has direct and inter-linked channels and responsibilities are divided among the team members based on individual interest and willingness to work on different thematic subjects, also based on knowledge, experience and areas of interest, we could categorize ourselves as beginners- experienced-expert.

We are policy driven organization and have been functioning with our Financial and Administrative guidelines and human resource policy. Our individual performance appraisal ( IPA) system is in progress but we are yet to institutionalize the process. Since, volunteers are the core of our programs, the route to lead Sambhawana is to serve as volunteers, followed by program leads then head as management team. We make open announcement, contact existing network, also look into referrals while recruiting human resources.We have simple organizational routines that includes involvement of board at the strategic level where as management does daily implementation work. During the exercise,we realized that we need to revisit our institutional strategy such as; develop new programs, develop partnership, networking and fundraising strategy and better coordination with coordination with stakeholders, partner schools, service providers.

13627140_1022597134502877_4016106306250370521_nWe also reflected our own organizational culture as we strongly believe and practice investing and involving young people in democratization process, thereby preparing next generation leadership. We advocate active citizenship starts from home, school, community nation. We strongly believe civic knowledge-civic skills-civic disposition go hand in hand and we value  volunteerism, youth voices, civic engagement, community partnership.Some of the key actions we will work in next few months are work on theory of change, share open learning, stronger collaboration and partnership.




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