Doing Democracy

The three day training seminar consisted of theoritical concept of Democracy and political culture, democratic practices,learning leadership skills, lectures and workshops where the discussion between the attendees was central. The topics covered by the seminar were Democratization, Human Rights, Civic Leadership, Debate/Communication and Leadership skills. The product of the lectures and discussions were collected during the seminar, and at day three a pamphlet with discussion topics, relevant information and good points were handed over to the attendees for inspiration. The experimenting part of this project is that the attendees of the seminar are trained to inform and empower fellow youth – the seminar is thus a part of a broader process that continues after the seminar.

The Objectives of the training were:

-To provide a common forum for Nepali youth from diverse background;

-To share insights and experiences about Nepali political culture;

-To discuss individual’s opportunities in a democracy;

-To learn about approaches and methodologies to facilitate change;

-To develop a shared vision of democratic and prosperous Nepal