Green Youth Citizens

Youth in Action: Green Youth Citizen is a collaborative project among partners from Nepal, Bangladesh, India, Romania,Spain and Turkey.The main aim of the project is to raise awareness about environmental problems and how young people confine while exercising active citizenship.It is a year long project that expects to establish  a transnational Europe-Asia network of organizations active in the youth domain, that will act as exchange of best practices in the field of youth activities.

The specific objectives of the project are:

-To contribute to an increase on the awareness among young people to the themes of the training, hence an open dialogue will be created and mutual comprehension will be created, contributing to the promotion of solidarity and tolerance among young people from different countries

- To share best practices among the different countries from Europe and Asia, promoting an active debate about them and creating activities to ensure the respect for environment.

- To assure the access of young people and youth leaders to good practices examples in the field of environment protection and  promote the active citizenship.

The target group of the project is formed by young people with fewer opportunities, with ages between 18-26 years, youth workers and youth leaders. The project activities will  involve equal number of girls and boys.