Civics our way !

With an aim to  help schools think creatively about how to improve their civic health and achieve their civic mission, Civic Schools completed this year’s 16 weeks course at Bal Byabasahi School and running on 15th week at Sudesha High School. We provided schools with a framework for rigorously assessing and improving their civic education offerings through curricular and extra-curricular

activities as well as opportunities for youth voice in decision making. The purpose of this course is to create a safe, interactive and enjoyable learning atmosphere in which students have the opportunity to creatively explore practical ways to understand civics and active citizenship.

Throughout 16 weeks, students learnt about different types of and approaches to civic life, as well as the key elements of community service. The goals of998257_616839798335909_2081920224_n the course is to help student learn how civic learning is taught, from the dry facts of history and the structure of government to an emphasis on how citizens can and must participate in civic life, how to think about and evaluate impact as a student, how to respect each other and work in a team, how to run a community project. Various activities were conducted to help student participate and learn from each other as well as from course facilitator. From civic bingo to cooperative leadership games to gender box and prioritizing constitution and field visit to government and civic society organization, students had fun learning by doing. This course is supplementary to the civic awareness components within the social studies curriculum. Students also had the opportunity to conduct their own community project.


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