Civic Schools Celebration!

10660142_850796511606902_1388517976216492537_nOn 13 September 2014 Sambhawana celebrated civics inviting all 4 partner schools in one platform to acknowledge their committment in establishing civic mission and opportunities for their schools. Hence, these schools are recognized as Civic Schools.

Civic Schools is an initiative that provides schools with a framework for rigorously assessing and improving their civic education offerings through curricular and extra-curricular activities as well as opportunities for youth voice in decision making. Since January, we have partnered with Accountability Lab and 4 schools in Kathmandu where we conducted 16 weeks non-formal curriculum that support the social studies text book. The four schools are Shree Bal Byabasahi Kendra Madhyamik Bidhyala, Siphal, Shree Tangal Higher Secondary School, Tangal  and Shine Model International School, Swayambhu and Sudesha Higher Secondary School, Nakhu. We have chosen two private and two public schools to see whether or not the civic schools concept will work.

The activities were designed based on the civic climate survey conducted among students. The survey helped in designing the curriculum to cater the need of the students. We had team building exercises, cooperative games, skits,role plays, creative writing, chit-chat with young activities, documentary screening, field visits, workshops . After the completion of our activities, students have formed themselves in a small group and identified problems/issues in their school communities and have developed small projects. They will be converting their ideas into action within three months time. We will keep you posted about their projects.10702091_850796384940248_6222187279001673596_n

Civics 2.0 is a new vision for civic education in which civic skills and understandings are integrated across the curriculum, embraced in all aspects of school governance, and built on strong connections with the community.  It is a paradigm shift in the way we think about civics, moving beyond the traditional approach of offering a single course in civics that is disconnected from other academics studies, school governance, and the surrounding community.

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