And Civic Schools begins !

With little hangover of Dashain and excitement of Tihar, we started our first round of Civic Schools at HEMS School in Kathmandu. The purpose of this session was to introduce students to Civic Schools.

The goal of Civic Schools is to improve the school community by expanding opportunities for civic engagement and learning by all students and increasing youth voice in school governance. From yesterday, we have started a weekly circle of students and teachers that will meet every Monday. For the first day, we wanted to get to know each other and so we played with crayons to introduce ourselves.

As we introduced ourselves, we also shared one thing that we like most about our school. And most of the students shared they like their friends, some said teachers, some said teaching style, unique school uniform etc. Because it was the first day, students were little shy but by the time we finished introduction , they started to open up and were giggling, laughing .Then we moved on to creating a word map where students shared one word or phrase that they could re-call from their social studies curriculum particularly civic education chapter. Some of the words were Constitution, Equality, Democracy, Good governance, Fundamental rights etc. Based on the word map, we will develop a very fun and interactive session for coming week.Also, in coming week, we will come up with detail framework of activities and outcome. Students were also exciting about extra curricular activities and community service projects.

Before we said good bye to each other,we quickly checked on each other to see if they liked the first day and they replied with big smile and thank you !! And one of the students, Samjhana volunteered to write a blog about the first session and we can’t wait to read what she has to say :)



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