Celebrate leadership

Our second week started with reading the blog written by Samjhana who volunteered last week to write the first piece of HEMS journal. She wrote about children’s day with such a nice art. It was interesting to learn that kids love celebration of days and they value it so much.

Half of the students were absent because of festivals so we decided to have fun with our activity and celebrate. As suggested, we took leadership as a theme for the day and played with words. Each one of us had to share some good and bad traits of a leader. Not that surprising, most of the students shared leadership traits keeping political leaders in the center.After little bit of fun with brainstorming we moved on to an activity where students had to choose a leader among themselves and come up with as many products/objects from the resources they have. It was such a pleasing exercise because students were so creative and tried their best to make optimum use of the resources. Upon debrief, the team members shared how they felt doing the task and how good their leader was,also the leader shared their experiences. They have such nice things to talk about their team members. Then we moved on to play some  cooperative games that could help discover the students  leadership potential within themselves. Some of the learnings they shared in plenary were planning, coordination, alternative plan, leadership, communication, timing, concentration so on and so forth.

At the end, we had little festival celebration.Next class gonna be more exciting as we plan to do more fun games and some serious activities, till then  Celebrate Civics !

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