Archive | May, 2014

Call for applications-Democratic Challenges: Solving by Youth Participation

Background:A politically active civil society is critical to the sustainability of any democracy. An informed and active citizenry is the driving force behind a genuine and competitive political process. Because democratic transitions are rooted in people and movements, sustainable democracy programs cannot be delivered in a top-down, one-off, and short-term manner. This three day program […]

Partnering for Stronger Communities !

Last month, Mr. Stefan Voinea , Director of Gazeta de Sud, Romania visited Nepal under the Partnering for Stronger Communities Grants Program for Community Solutions Program Alumni. Mr. Voinea and our director Ms. Anita Thapa are Community Solutions Programs Alumni, a program of the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs of the U.S. Department of State, and implemented […]

Young People in Green Activism continues!

On 12 April, yet another successful workshop was conducted under Green Youth Citizens project.25 dynamic youth from various fields came together to discuss on environment issues and share possible solutions. The workshop starting with some cooperative activities that helped participants know each other. Second session started with brainstorming on environmental issues . Some of the […]